Our commission model

Read about our commission model and how much you can earn by using Voxalized.

Quality > Quantity

At Voxalized, we believe that quality matters more than quantity, and that’s why we offer a dynamic commission structure. This means that the more your non-exclusive vocals are purchased, the higher your commission rate will be. By focusing on quality, we can ensure that our customers receive the best possible vocals which will lead them coming back for more.

Furthermore, our commission model is designed to establish long-lasting relationships with our talented singers, as we strive to build a strong team of dedicated musicians who share our passion for high-quality.

How much do I earn?

69,99€ equal $75,99 – That means at our starting commission, one sale will give you 34,99€ ($37,50). This depends on what currency your vocal will be bought. Please note, that by opting in to sell exclusively to Voxalized you will get the highest commission instantly applied. This is called a “PRO” Vocal and you can read more a bout it in our terms.

Earnings breakdown

Non-Exclusive vocals (sold multiple times)

Tier Sales Commission
Tier 1
0 - 100
Tier 2
100 - 200
Tier 3
200 - 300
Tier 4
300 - 400
Tier 5
400 +

Exclusive vocals (one-time sale)

Tier Price Commission
Tier 1
0€ - 499€
Tier 2
500€ - 1.000€
Tier 3
1.000€ +

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