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High Quality Only

We offer only premium and high-quality vocals from industry professionals. Every vocal gets reviewed before we upload it, to make sure it aligns with our quality standards.

100% Revenue

Get 100% rights to the masters and retain all the revenue generated from your song. Publish your song on all streaming platforms and with any label you like.

Personalized Agreements

You will get an attached personalized PDF after you purchase, that will ensure you obtain all the mastering rights of the vocals, making sure you won’t get any trouble in the future.


Powerful and easy to use Vocal platform

Browse through our high-quality vocals and find the one best suited for your production.

High Quality

Curated selection of high-quality vocals, approved by artist with over 100 million global streams

Smart Filters

Use our filters to find vocals by any artist, in any Key, BPM and Genre.


The fraction of the cost

A topline from industry professionals, without breaking the bank.

Support the artist

Over 50% of the money goes directly to the artist.


Standard vs. Professional

Explore the difference.


Manually uploaded by our singers.
Variable prices
  • Unlimited streams
  • .wav included
  • Personalized Agreement
  • All stems included


Top-Quality verified vocal packs.
$ 69
99 One-Time
  • Unlimited streams
  • .wav included
  • Personalized Agreement
  • Lead Vocals (Dry & Wet)
  • Premixed vocal (Wet)
  • Harmonies
  • Doubles
  • Backings
  • Midi files
  • Lyrics files

Please understand the difference between Standard and Professional and always listen carefully to the demo previews to evaluate.

Helpful insights:

Got questions before getting started?

If you have any questions about any of this, please let us know and we’ll be with you as soon as we can!

Yes, you can absolutely release a cover with our cover vocals as long as you secure the necessary mechanical license for its release.

Streaming typically does not require mechanical licensing, digital distributors often do for downloads.

If you decide to release it with a record label, they mostly handle this for you.

More Info: How To Release A Cover Song

Yes, many labels release songs with non-exclusive vocals or vocal samples. As long as the song you produce is unique and has potential, you shouldn’t worry about facing rejection.

If you want a unique vocal no one has used before, have a look at our exclusive vocals which can only be sold once.

We add high-quality vocals every week. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications, especially if you’re interested in exclusive vocals, as they can only be sold once.

Exclusive vocals will just be sold once, giving you the sole ownership and control but at a higher cost. Non-exclusive vocals are way more affordable, though might be purchased from other producers as well. 

Absolutely! You’ll receive a license that allows you to release your project commercially on any platform, and you keep 100% of your earnings. Just remember, you can’t resell the original vocals separately.

Wet vocals include effects like reverb and delay, while dry vocals are raw and unprocessed, offering flexibility for custom editing.

If you initially purchase the Entry package (ideal for amateurs and small independent artists) but wish to upgrade to the professional package, please reach out to our support team to ensure you receive the discounted price.


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