Find the Best EDM Vocals: An Essential Guide.

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Music is a universal language that touches our hearts and brings back memories. The magic ingredient? Vocals! They give life and emotion to songs, especially in Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Here, vocals turn beats and tunes into a complete story that listeners love. For all EDM creators, from newbies to pros, the right vocals can make your track unforgettable.

But how can you find good and high-quality edm vocals? This guide is your roadmap to finding those amazing vocals and making your EDM song shine among the rest.

Why Vocals Matter:

  1. Personal Touch: While EDM is largely about the beats, the vocals add a personal touch, making the track more relatable and emotive.
  2. Versatility: EDM vocals provide flexibility, allowing for various reinterpretations and remixes, broadening a track’s appeal.
  3. Popularity: Tracks with catchy and well-produced vocals are more likely to become hits and resonate with a broader audience.

Sourcing Your EDM Vocals:

  1. Voxalized: We offer a wide range of high-quality vocals from industry professional singers. On our platform, you can find many drag-and-drop downloadable vocals to use in your song instantly.
  2. Collaborations: Working directly with singers and artists can help in crafting custom-made EDM vocal toplines tailored for a specific song.
  3. Open Competitions: Hosting or participating in online vocal competitions can uncover hidden talent, providing fresh and unique vocals.

The Edge of Exclusive Vocals

With the vast sea of EDM tracks produced daily, having something unique is invaluable. This is where EDM exclusive vocals come into play. As the name suggests, these are vocals that are sold only once, ensuring the buyer has a one-of-a-kind vocal line for their track. Platforms like Voxalized offer this service, ensuring producers can stand out in the competitive EDM market.

How to get vocals from professional singers

Finding the perfect vocals can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, right? But what if there was a shortcut to getting vocals from the best in the business? Enter Voxalized. We’ve got your back! We’re not just another platform; we connect you with real industry pros whose voices have rocked nearly a billion global streams. And guess what? You don’t need deep pockets to work with us. With just 39,99€, you can snag a license for some top-notch vocals. So, why wait? Dive in, and let’s make music magic together!

Whether you’re after exclusive vocals, non-exclusive vibes, or even cover vocals, we’ve got the whole spectrum:

  • Exclusive Vocals: Get unique vocals that no one else has. It’s like having a custom-made dress; it’s tailored just for you. It’s the ultimate choice if you want your track to stand out from the crowd.
  • Non-Exclusive Vocals: A brilliant option if you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on quality. Think of it like shopping at a boutique – it might not be the only piece out there, but it’s crafted with care and passion.
  • Cover Vocals: Want to put a fresh spin on a classic or trending track? Our cover vocals let you reinvent and re-imagine, while still staying true to the original’s essence.

Why Choose Voxalized for Your Vocal Needs

  1. Keep 100% of all Royalties: When you purchase from Voxalized, you keep 100% of all the royalties. This means more revenue for your hard work.
  2. Release Everywhere: There’s no restriction. Release your track everywhere, be it Spotify, Apple Music, or any other platform with every Label you want.
  3. Personalized Agreements: Every track is unique, and so should be its agreement. Get personlaized agreements to ensure you have the rights to use the vocals.
  4. Drag-and-drop ready: With the drag-and-drop ready vocals, integrating them into your track becomes a breeze.


In the EDM world, the right vocals can make or break a track. If you’re pondering how to find EDM vocals that truly resonate, platforms like Voxalized have made the journey simpler and more rewarding. Remember, your music is an extension of yourself, and with the right vocals, it can achieve unparalleled heights. Ready to elevate your track? Venture into the world of high-quality vocals with Voxalized.

Why wait? Browse our selection of exceptional vocals today and find the voice that will define your next hit track!

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