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Buying the right acapellas can take a music project from good to great. However, the search for crisp, high-quality acapellas often leads aspiring producers down a rabbit hole of countless hours wasted on finding the right singers. Introducing Voxalized – your go-to destination to buy premium acapellas. We understand the struggle and have curated a collection of high-quality acapellas to streamline your creative process, adding new vocals every week. With Voxalized, accessing the perfect vocal for your next song is just a click away. Let’s dive into how Voxalized is changing the game for producers.

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Why Quality Matters for Acapellas

High-quality vocals are the heartbeat of great music. That’s where Voxalized stands out. We connect you with industry professional singers whose powerful vocals are behind hit tracks with many millions of streams. At Voxalized, you get:

  • Industry professional vocals: We feature vocals from multi gold and platinum singers like e.g. Nito-Onna and many more.
  • Crystal Clear Sound: Every vocal on Voxalized has been quality checked so you can be assured to have high-quality recording quality.
  • Variety and Styles: You can purchase both original and cover vocals for your songs in all BPM and Keys. Simply use our filters and buy the acapella you need.

Understanding Licensing and Legalities

Navigating the legal aspects of the music industry is complex, but with Voxalized, it’s worry-free. Voxalized ensures that every acapella purchase comes with a personalized agreement, clearly prooving your ownership of the vocals after purchase. Here’s how we make it simple and secure:

  • Personalized Agreements: Every purchase you make is accompanied by a personalized agreement. This document is your proof of ownership, giving you the confidence to use your acapellas freely in your projects.
  • Pre-screened Singers: Before any singer uploads vocals to our platform, they agree to our terms and conditions. This means every track you find on Voxalized is pre-cleared and ready for use.
  • Hassle-Free Production: Spend less time worrying about legalities and more time creating. We handle the legal groundwork so you can focus on what you do best – making great music with our high-quality acapellas.

Choose to buy acapellas from Voxalized and experience the ease of releasing your cover tracks with peace of mind.

Can I Release Cover Vocals?

Releasing cover vocals has become more straightforward than ever, removing the hurdles that once complicated the process. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Simplified Licensing: The need for a mechanical license for cover vocals is a thing of the past, except in specific cases. Now, if you’re releasing your cover on platforms where your track is sold directly, like Beatport, you’ll need to obtain a mechanical license.
  • Automatic Handling by DSPs: Platforms like Spotify and other Digital Service Providers (DSPs) have made the process incredibly efficient. They automatically handle the necessary licenses for cover tracks, meaning you can focus on creating and releasing your music without the legal hassle.
  • Distributors: Most music distributors now offer the option to release a cover. They understand the creative value of covers and provide the support needed to ensure your track is released smoothly and legally.
  • High-Quality Cover Acapellas: Discover a wide range of high-quality cover acapellas on Voxalized. These vocals are known to perform exceptionally well on platforms like Spotify, as audiences are drawn to familiar melodies and lyrics.

Releasing cover vocals is now straightforward, especially with Voxalized. Here, you can confidently buy acapellas and enhance your music.

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Conclusion: Elevating Your Music with the Right Acapellas

Crafting memorable music isn’t just about mixing sounds; it’s about choosing the right elements that resonate. Acapellas are more than just vocals; they are the key of your tracks. This is where Voxalized excels. We provide a platform where quality meets convenience, offering high-quality acapellas from industry professionals with a simple click.

  • Quality You Can Trust: With Voxalized, you’re ensuring that your music is powered by vocals that have captivated audiences and topped charts. Our quality standards mean our vocals are from the best in the business.
  • Legal Peace of Mind: Navigate the music industry with confidence. Our personalized agreements and pre-screened acapellas ensure that you’re fully covered, legally and creatively.
  • Affordable prices: At Voxalized you can buy high-quality acapellas starting from $39,99. Compared to the prices of industry professionals, which often reach into the thousands, it’s a real bargain.
  • Keep 100% of all royalties: Buy once and collect 100% of all royalties. Use our World’s #1 Spotify Break-Even Calculator for Artists to calculate your potential earnings with our acapellas.

In conclusion, the right acapellas can elevate your music from good to unforgettable. At Voxalized, we’re committed to providing you with the best acapellas to make that leap.

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