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The things that makes us unique

Individual Dashboard

Take control of your sales with our individual dashboard, track your sales and create custom discount codes that generate profits with each use

High quality ONLY

Voxalized is reserved for those with exceptional talent. When you sell your vocals on our site, you will be a part of an exclusive elite community of singers and musicians

sell more = earn more

Our commission structure is designed to reward your singing talent, offering the potential to earn up to 70% commission and providing the motivation to succeed



We believe that talented singers deserve a platform where they can showcase their skills and be proud of their work. That’s why we place a strong emphasis on high-quality vocals and providing a user-friendly experience that makes it easy for our customers to find and purchase the right vocals. 

High Quality

Curated selection of high-quality vocals only to protect your reputation

Showcase your vocals

Showcase your vocals alongside other hand picked singers

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What to provide?

When submitting vocals, it’s crucial to maintain a well-organized folder structure and ensure accurate naming for all files. Please refer to this guide for structuring your audio files effectively. 

Kindly provide us with two folders, one for ‘Entry’ and the other for ‘Professional’.

What singer have to include in the folder, professional

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Join the top-tier marketplace for High-Quality recordings only

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Got questions before getting started?

If you have any questions about any of this, please let us know and we’ll be with you as soon as we can!

Yes, we invest significantly in promoting individual vocals through paid advertising. If your vocal performs exceptionally well in these ads, it is likely to generate the highest traffic, resulting in increased sales.

We payout our singers on a monthly basis via PayPal.

We have a dynamic commission structure. View our commission model here.

Currently, all our vocals are exclusively sold on our platform. This is due to our licensing structure and offering Entry + Professional packages to our customers.

To sell on Voxalized, you need to provide professional recorded and processed lead vocals, Harmonies, Doubles, Backings + MIDI. Find more information under “What to provide”. 

At Voxalized, we provide our sellers with a professional dashboard that allows them to track their sales and see which of their vocals are selling the best. The dashboard also provides detailed analytics and insights, so our sellers can make informed decisions about their offerings. 

For our PRIME non-exclusives and covers, we employ fixed pricing to optimize purchases. As for exclusive tracks, you have the freedom to determine the price. Learn more about our non-exclusive licenses here.

If you sell vocals you have already listed elsewhere, the pricing pricing must remain consistent across all platforms.

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