Spotify for Artists: How to boost your streams on Spotify.

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Hey there, I’m Kilian K, an artist with over 120 million streams on Spotify. Taking the plunge and sharing your music on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, or Apple Music is a significant milestone for any artist. It marks the beginning of an exciting journey, making your music accessible to a vast global audience. In this article, I’ll share my insights on how Spotify for Artists, a major player in the streaming services realm, can be a game-changer for creators like us and how to make the most out of it.

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To boost your music’s visibility on Spotify, landing spots on external playlists is key, especially in the early stages. Spotify features three main playlist types: user-generated independent, algorithmically-generated (like Discover Weekly, Radio, Release Radar), and editorial playlists. Connecting with curators of independent playlists fosters organic growth, as these playlists are shared by fans, not just promoted by Spotify. Success here can elevate your visibility and potentially lead to inclusion in official Spotify playlists.

Spotify editorial playlists, which often have the most followers, are meticulously curated and actively promoted within the app. Some work as a hybrid between editorial and algorithmic, tailoring track selections based on each listener’s taste. When sharing your presence on an editorial playlist, remember not all listeners will see your track. Spotify provides a “pin” feature to address this.

So, how do you land a spot on a Spotify editorial playlist, propelling your career and gaining lifelong fans through their algorithms? How do you increase repeat listens, likes, and cultivate a following for your artist profile, ensuring fans are notified of your latest releases?

Maximize your Spotify presence

Making your mark on platforms like Spotify requires more than just talent. It demands strategic planning and good marketing. Here are some strategies to boost your streams and enhance your Spotify presence, ensuring your music gets the recognition it deserves.

Create a captivating Spotify for Artists profile

Your artist profile is your identity on Spotify. It’s essential to:

  • Update Your Profile Regularly: Ensure your profile picture, bio, and playlist covers are current and high-quality. This visual consistency helps in branding.

  • Utilize Spotify’s Artist Tools: Take advantage of tools like Spotify for Artists to gain insights into your listeners’ demographics and behavior, enabling targeted promotion.

Leverage Spotify’s algorithm to your advantage

Understanding and leveraging Spotify’s algorithm can significantly impact your music’s visibility:

  • Release Music Consistently: Regular releases keep your audience engaged and signal the algorithm that you’re an active participant on the platform.

  • Encourage Saves and Follows: The more saves and follows you get, the more likely Spotify is to recommend your tracks to new listeners.

Engage with your audience

Building a strong relationship with your listeners is crucial:

  • Share Your Playlist: Create and share playlists that feature your music alongside tracks from similar artists. This not only engages your current audience but also exposes your music to new listeners.’

  • Utilize Social Media: Promote your Spotify link across your social media platforms to drive your followers to stream your music on Spotify.

Collaborate with other artists and playlists

Collaboration is a powerful tool for expanding your reach:#

  • Feature on Playlists: Get your tracks featured on as many playlists as possible, both Spotify’s editorial playlists and user-generated ones. This increases your music’s exposure.

  • Collaborate with Artists: Collaborate with other artists to tap into their audience. This can lead to mutual growth and increased streams.

Optimize for Spotify Search

Make your music easy to find on Spotify:

  • Use Relevant Keywords: Incorporate relevant keywords into your track titles, album names, and bio. This can help your music show up in search results. For example, if you make a “Techno Cover”, call your song “NAME (Techno Remix)”.

  • Create a Unique Brand Name: Having a unique and searchable artist name reduces competition for the top spot in search results. Also make sure it is easy to spell and rather short.

Submit Your Music to Spotify’s Editorial Team

Getting on Spotify’s editorial playlists can significantly boost your streams:

  • Use the Playlist Pitch Tool: Spotify for Artists offers a playlist pitch tool that allows you to submit unreleased music to Spotify’s editorial team, increasing your chances of being featured on influential playlists.

  • Make it short: Pitch your song with a short description of which moods and styles your song fits. Everything that helps the curator in his decision where to feature your song helps.

spotify for artist - how to pitch - example pitch

Use catchy and high-quality vocals

Catchy vocals are key to making your tracks stick with listeners on Spotify. Good vocals catch the ear, tell a story and make your song memorable. Adding strong, catchy vocals can really boost your song’s popularity. They’re what get your song saved, shared, and added to playlists.

On Voxalized, we’re all about bringing the spotlight to the power of the voice in music. We believe that vocals are not just a part of a song; they’re the heartbeat that connects the artist to the listener. That’s why we offer high-quality vocals for producers, from industry professional singers with up to 800M streams.

The best part? On Voxalized you can purchase a license for a vocal for $39,99 and you keep 100% of royalties when releasing on Spotify.


To wrap things up, achieving success on Spotify is about more than just uploading your music; it’s about engaging in a consistent and strategic effort to showcase your art. Ensure your profile is compelling and up-to-date, release new tracks on a regular basis to keep your audience engaged, actively participate in social media to build your community and seek collaboration opportunities with other artists to expand your reach.

It’s crucial to immerse yourself in the Spotify ecosystem, making use of every tool and feature at your disposal to increase your music’s visibility and listener base. Remember, persistence and creativity are your best assets in this journey.

By continuously refining your approach and connecting with your audience, you’ll not only boost your Spotify streams but also cultivate a loyal fanbase eager for your next release. Your music deserves to be heard far and wide; now is the time to take action and transform those streams into a thriving career.

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