Why You Should Consider Non-Exclusive Vocals for your song.

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Do you wonder why you should use a non-exclusive vocal for your song? In the world of music production, finding the perfect vocal can be a tough and time-consuming journey. It’s not just about the hours spent searching for a talented singer whose style fits your music, but it can also cost a lot of money, often without a guaranteed return on your investment. In this blog article, we’ll discuss a simpler and more cost-effective solution: non-exclusive vocals and their benefits.

What are non-exclusive vocals?

Non-exclusive vocals are pre-recorded vocal recordings typically provided in packages that include multiple stems. These packages often contain industry-standard elements like lead vocals, harmonies, doubles, and more. The term ‘non-exclusive’ indicates that these vocal recordings are not exclusively sold to a single artist. Instead, they can be purchased and used by multiple artists.

The difference between Non-Exclusive vocals and vocal samples

Compared to vocal samples or vocal sample packs, non-exclusive vocals, such as those offered by Voxalized, offer a superior advantage. They come with both dry and wet stems (wet stems include vocal effects), providing a more comprehensive and versatile resource for music producers.

The benefits of non-exclusive vocals

When you opt for non-exclusive vocals, you gain several advantages over exclusive vocals. Here are some key benefits:

  • Cost-Effective: Exclusive, professional vocal toplines from singers, which are also available on our platform, can come with a hefty price tag of over 1,000€, in addition to royalty percentages. Earning back this substantial investment from a single song is often an unlikely scenario. In contrast, a non-exclusive license from Voxalized starts at just 39.99€, and you retain 100% of all royalties. This significantly increases the potential to make money with your music – a dream come true for many music producers.
  • Inspiration: When seeking vocalists for exclusive recordings on your instrumental, it can often feel like a hit-or-miss situation, as finding toplines that align perfectly and are catchy can be challenging. The more revisions you need, the more expensive the process becomes. However, with non-exclusive vocals, you have the advantage of building your song around a pre-written and produced topline. This approach results in a more seamless fit and allows for easier adjustments to match the vocal’s vibe, ultimately leading to a superior end product.
  • More output: Let’s be honest; in the music industry, the more you create and release, the better your chances of gaining recognition and attracting both labels and fans. This underscores the importance of streamlining your workflow. One effective strategy to boost your musical output is by outsourcing vocals and utilizing non-exclusive options to produce songs quickly and cost-effectively. This approach not only accelerates your creative process but also ensures a steady stream of content, enhancing your visibility in the industry. 

Will labels release non-exclusive vocals?

A common worry among producers is whether record labels will accept songs with non-exclusive vocals. It’s a valid concern because labels usually prefer exclusive vocals to give them a competitive edge. However, it’s essential to remember that labels are ultimately looking to make money. If a vocal is catchy and blends well with a unique and powerful production, its exclusivity becomes less important.

The reality is that many labels are open to releasing songs featuring non-exclusive vocals or even vocal samples from platforms like Splice. It’s not unusual to hear the same vocal sample on different songs on the same label.

What truly matters to labels is the song’s uniqueness and its potential to connect with the audience. So, if your music stands out and has potential, you don’t need to worry about being rejected based on vocal exclusivity.

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So, why should you consider purchasing non-exclusive vocals on Voxalized?

  • 100% Royalties: When you buy from Voxalized, you retain 100% of all the royalties. This translates to more earnings for your creative efforts.
  • Release Freedom: Enjoy complete freedom in choosing where to release your track. Whether it’s Spotify, Apple Music, or any other platform, you’re in control.
  • Personalized Agreements: Recognizing that every track is unique, Voxalized offers personalized agreements tailored to your specific needs.
  • Ready-to-Use Vocals: Thanks to the drag-and-drop ready vocals, seamlessly integrating them into your track becomes a hassle-free process.


Finding the perfect vocal can be a challenging and time-consuming process. It involves searching for a talented singer whose style complements your music, and the costs can quickly add up, often with no guarantee of a return on your investment. However, there’s a more straightforward and cost-effective solution – non-exclusive vocals.

Non-exclusive vocals are pre-recorded vocal recordings provided in versatile packages, typically including multiple stems such as lead vocals, harmonies, and doubles. These vocals are not tied exclusively to a single artist, making them accessible to multiple musicians. 

Compared to traditional vocal samples, non-exclusive vocals offer distinct advantages. They provide both dry and wet stems, making them a comprehensive and flexible resource for music producers.

The benefits of non-exclusive vocals are numerous. They are cost-effective, with non-exclusive licenses starting at just 39.99€, allowing you to retain 100% of royalties. This affordability increases the potential for income from your music. Non-exclusive vocals also simplify the creative process, offering inspiration and a seamless fit for your tracks.

The worry of label rejection due to non-exclusive vocals is a common concern, but labels are primarily interested in songs’ uniqueness and their potential to connect with audiences. Many labels are open to releasing songs with non-exclusive vocals, as long as the music stands out. By subscribing to Voxalized’s newsletter, you gain early access to new non-exclusive vocals, giving you a head start in creating outstanding music.

In your music production journey, non-exclusive vocals can streamline your workflow, offer financial benefits, and provide creative possibilities.

With Voxalized, you have the freedom to release your music on your terms, and personalized agreements can cater to your unique needs. The drag-and-drop ready vocals further enhance your creative process. Embracing non-exclusive vocals is a significant step toward maximizing your artistic potential and expanding your presence in the music industry.

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