Original 丨 123 BPM 丨 Male 丨 CMaj

Never Live

Robbie Hutton

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Purchasing a vocal on Voxalized means:

✅ Keep 100% of royalties

✅ release it on every platform + with any label

✅ receive a personalized agreement


Please note that you’re not allowed to:

❌ tag the singer on your release

❌ reselling our vocals

At Voxalized, we offer multiple licenses that differ in terms of vocalist responsibilities. Our Standard license requires manual uploading by the vocalist, while our Professional (PRO) license involves Voxalized verifying a complete vocal pack, including all the files.


Standard License:

 Unlimited streams
 .wav included
 Personalized agreement

These vocals are uploaded manually by the singers. Voxalized does not verify these files; purchasers will receive the files exactly as demonstrated in the demo.


Professional License:

 Unlimited streams
 .wav included
 Lead Vocals (Dry & Wet)
 Premixed vocal (Wet)
 Midi files
 Lyrics files


Some vocals might not contain every assets provided in the list for ‘Professional’. Please listen closely to the demo before you buy. To learn more about our licenses click here.

Please read our official FAQ for all questions.

Can I use the vocals commercially?
Absolutely! You’ll receive a license that allows you to release your project commercially on any platform, and you keep 100% of your royalties. Just remember, you can’t resell the original vocals separately.


Why should I buy non-exclusive vocals?

Great questions, there are actually many benefits. We made a whole article about that, which you can read here.


What is the difference between wet- and dry vocals?
Wet vocals include effects like reverb and delay, while dry vocals are raw and unprocessed, offering flexibility for custom editing.


Do you also sell cover vocals?

Yes, you can browse through a list of high-quality cover vocals here.


Are the instrumental included?

No, we only sell vocal stems, MIDI and lyrics. Production stems are not included.


Do you have more questions? Visit our help center here.

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